The journey of One Love Australia started with our founder, Jamal, creating an initiative to combat racism as an entry for Monash University’s “Leave No One Behind” competition - which he subsequently won. After that Jamal went on a journey to expand One Love Australia, he started looking for people that would be able to help him, and it was at that time that his world collided with Joel. The pair began strategising and developing ideas that promoted cultural harmony.

From that point forward Jamal and Joel have worked together on One Love Australia, in that time have developed a range of initiatives from concerts to TEDx Talks and education programs - all have which have proved that we’ll always achieve more by working together, than on our own.

Our focus for the future is not telling people what to think, but instead empowering them to make the change they want to see in the world. Our education for young people will instil the skills and qualities in them that will make them the next generation of change-makers in Australia… and the world.

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